Canadian Prescription Savers is Updating its Price Search!


Rx Price Search Instructions

Simply type the name of the medication into the window of the price search box. You don’t need to type in the strength, dosage, quantity or anything else.

If you’ve typed the name correctly, a list will appear with all the products available by that name, including all strengths, sizes, quantities etc.

We’ll even tell you if there’s a generic version available if you’ve entered a brand name. If you’ve entered a generic name, the brand associated with it will appear and you can compare prices.

If you can’t remember the complete spelling of the product, try typing in the first 3 letters or whatever you can remember. I longer list will appear and you can search through that list to find your product.

We carry over 10,000 prescription and Over the Counter medications and products. If the one you’re looking for does not appear in the price search, don’t worry! It’s almost impossible to list everything and sometimes we have different names here in Canada. Just pick up the phone and call us. We’ll find it for you!

If you’re ordering online, when you find the correct product that you need to order, simply add it to the shopping cart and proceed with the checkout when you’ve found everything.

For more instructions on the ordering process, please visit our How to Order page.