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Our History

Canadian Prescription Savers, Inc was launched in 1999 to help U.S. Citizens save money on their prescriptions by purchasing from Canada via mail order. Canadian Prescriptions Savers offices are located in Vancouver, British Columbia and Ottawa, Ontario. Canadian Prescription Savers has over 10,000 prescription medications and Over the Counter items available for mail order customers. Please read on to learn how and why thousands of U.S. citizens are saving their hard earned dollars by ordering their prescriptions from Canada.

Canadian Prescription Savers operates in accordance with all U.S. and Canadian laws. In order for a prescription to be filled in Canada, it must be written by a Canadian Physician.

A licensed Canadian physician reviews all prescriptions sent to us by our U.S. based customers, along with each patients’ chart or medical history. If, during the review, the Canadian physician has any concerns, a call will be made to the U.S. physician who originally wrote the prescription.

When all concerns are met and the Canadian physician has confirmed the prescription, he will rewrite it and forward it to our pharmacy division to be filled. Canadian law stipulates that only a government licensed pharmacist may fill the order. Qualified licensed pharmacists and licensed pharamcy technicians fill all prescriptions at Canadian Prescription Savers.

Canadian Prescription Savers cannot and will not fill prescriptions for controlled substances or illegal drugs. Unfortunately, there are no insurance policies that Canadian Pharmacies can recognize and as such all orders must be paid in full at the time they are filled.

All generic medications sold by are manufactured in Canada by fully licensed Generic Pharmaceutical Companies. Our primary supplier of generic medication is Teva/Novopharm.

Teva/Novopharm is the worlds the world's largest generic pharmaceutical manufacturer, a global company with operations in over 60 countries, with over 35,000 employees, whose products are used to dispense over a billion prescriptions around the world each year.

Today, Teva Canada employs 1,400 employees across Canada, most notably at its three facilities, in Stouffville, Markham and Toronto, Ontario. These facilities manufacture and distribute high-quality, affordable pharmaceutical products. To learn more about Teva/Novopharm, please visit their website at

More complete information on Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association can be found at their extensive website by visiting

To view a complete listing of the generic pharmaceutical companies we purchase products from, please visit this link found at the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association Web site,

All brand name medications sold by are approved by Health Canada, the Canadian Equivalent to the FDA, and DO NOT come from foreign countries or foreign sources.

In the United States, the FDA does not regulate the prices pharmaceutical companies can charge for their drugs. The Canadian Government strictly controls what pharmaceutical companies can charge for their drugs, making prescription drugs more affordable for all Canadians. YAY Canada!

Most drugs sold in Canada are the same as the ones sold in The United States, originating from the same pharmaceutical companies, with the same brand names and same packaging. In general, the majority of the drugs sold in Canada are identical to the ones sold in The United States. As Canadian regulations are generally stricter with regard to approval of drugs for use in Canada, some drugs available in the U.S. may not be available in Canada.

When a pharmaceutical company develops a new drug, they immediately patent it with a brand name. When that patent expires, other pharmaceutical companies may copy the "ingredients" used to create that drug and sell it under their own name. These copied drugs are referred to as "generic" drugs. As in all business, when more companies produce the same product, competition develops and the price goes down. This holds true for the drug industry and accounts for the high price differential between name brand and generic drugs. For example, at one time, only one pharmaceutical company produces a certain name brand drug; when the patent expires there may be 10 companies that produce their own version, competing for the same customers and essentially driving the price of that drug down. But when a company holds an active patent on a drug, there is a sort of monopoly and that company can charge high prices for the drug. As you can't get the same drug or a generic version of it, you must pay what the pharmaceutical company wants. But in Canada, we do not allow drug companies to “buy” their way into extended patent periods, or otherwise attempt to continue their monopoly when time is up.

Another factor that played a major role in the price difference between Canada and The United States was the value of the Canadian Dollar in relation to the U.S. Dollar. In the year 2000, for each U.S. dollar you exchanged in Canada, you received approximately $1.50 in Canadian funds. Unfortunately today, the U.S. and Canadian dollars are almost equal in value which has resulted in less savings on Canadian prescriptions, but the average customer can still save approximately 40% on their medications.

As U.S. citizens began learning of the great savings available to them by purchasing prescriptions in Canada, they began to flock across the border. Organized bus tours to Canadian cities close to the border became a daily occurrence. Pharmacies in Canada began to cater to U.S. Citizens through the development of Mail Order programs and Internet web sites. Soon, the media caught on and presented the story to the American public. The attention created by the news stories has created pressure in all levels of U.S. Government to help reduce drug costs. Unfortunately, it seems it will be a long battle before U.S. residents can purchase their prescriptions in their hometown at prices in line with their Canadian neighbors.

Many U.S. physicians are sending their patients prescriptions directly to us to be filled. The price of prescription drugs in general has created undue hardship for many families. The average American person spends approximately $2500 each year on their prescriptions. Imagine cutting that bill in half! Some people have bills in excess of $10,000 per year. The savings realized for them by purchasing through Canadian pharmacies is almost unbelievable. Some news stories have exposed the reality of the problems faced every day by people on limited incomes. Can you imagine having to decide between purchasing your prescription and eating? Some people are even cutting their pills in quarters in an effort to save money. Unfortunately, this lessens the dosage required for the drug to have the desired effect and may put the patient at greater health risk. By filling their orders in Canada, many families in the United States have benefited immensely in various ways.

Any U.S. Citizen resident in the United States may import a prescription to the maximum of a 90-day supply for each prescribed drug for personal use only. When you order from Canadian Prescription Savers, depending on your doctors orders, you can have your prescription refilled to a maximum of three times. This allows us to ship your prescription needs to you over the course of one year. All orders are shipped via U.S. Postal Service and are expected to reach you in 7-10 days from the date of actual shipment. All orders are accompanied with the required U.S. Customs documents to help expedite your order. All packages sent are insured to a maximum of $1000.00. All orders of value higher than $1000.00 will be packaged separately so that each package does not exceed the $1000.00 limit. If a package is not received by any of our customers, the prescription is refilled and reshipped, at no cost to the customer. If the customer decides they would prefer not to have the lost prescription filled and resent, their money is completely refunded.

In January of 2006, new Medicaid and Medicare programs were introduced in The U.S which seems to have helped so many of the seniors who had been ordering from Canada. The new programs effectively wiped out about 80% of the Canadian Internet pharmacies. Canadian Prescription Savers is still here and going strong. Our unparalleled customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantee have helped us stay in business and now we are actually growing again. We are here to stay!

As for what the future holds in store, we see good news for U.S. Citizens. It appears that the Democrats are now holding the cards now and that’s good news in general for prescription prices. All parties like to talk a lot, but we’re confident that even if they do nothing state-side, they won’t stop the flow of prescriptions from Canada. They’re all for cheaper medication, but no-one knows how they’ll accomplish that. While we all wait and see, at least the Canadian mail order option is always open.

We hope we've been able to educate you further on how you can take advantage of the savings available to you through Canadian Prescription Savers. If you require more information, please contact us via email at support [at] canadianprescriptionsavers [dot] com or call our toll free line 1-800-Pills-81 (1-800-745-5781).

We value your opinions and welcome all suggestions you may have to help us serve you better.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve your needs.