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“Thanks for helping me out. I feel abandoned by my own government. I don’t understand it all, but I’m glad you folks are there for me and sending me medication that I could not possibly afford here in the south.” - Lowell W., Rome, GA

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you’ve provided us for over 2 years now. I care for my husband at home and don’t have time to take a job of any sort. As senior citizens on a very tight budget, you can’t imagine the stress we went through when it came time to pay for our medications before our dear neighbor Evelyn Competello told us to call you. Your service now saves us over $800 when we order every 3 months. Thank you ever so much for being there for us. You’ve been real life savers for us. God bless all of you!” - Elizabeth O., St. Louis, MO

“…could you please send me some forms to pass along to my friends? I feel compelled to help others find out more about you and how much money they might save. You have been so kind to my late husband and me and have made a difference in both of our lives. I’m so grateful we saw you on TV over 4 years ago. You can’t imagine how much money you’ve saved us over the years.” - Margie S., Evansville, IN

“I paid $371 for my Plavix at our local pharmacy before some old friends came to visit. One of them saw me taking my pills and started to tell me about your company up there in Canada. Well, now I pay only $235 for the exact same medication from you! The money I now save each year just on Plavix actually pays our house taxes! Can you imagine? Please let us know when the generic version comes available. Maybe then we can afford an exotic vacation!” - Marie L., Austin, TX

“I had ordered once before from Canada but from some other company. It took almost 6 weeks to get my order in the mail and when I did, some of the little plastic bottles were broken. I was so upset and did not want to risk ordering from Canada again. My pastor convinced me to give Canadian Prescription Savers a try. Imagine my surprise when my order arrived in 8 days and carefully packaged in a small cardboard box! Thank you so much for renewing my belief that there are people that care in this world!” - Marsha I., South Bend, IN

“How is it possible that the same drug costs me 71% less at Canadian Prescription Savers? Shame on my government! Please keep fighting for us retired pensioners; we need you so much!” - Helen S., Ashland, OR

“My doctor knows I have very little money for prescriptions and suggested I call your company. He said he has 8 other patients that order from you and can now afford their meds. Now I can too! Your Altace is only $105 for 90 of them. Before I was told of you, it cost me $73 for only 30! You are all wonderful people. I can’t say enough good things about you and you are always in my prayers.” - Frances W., Dover, OK

“At first I was a bit worried about ordering by mail. I felt much better after I called for more information and spoke with Darcy. He even found a much cheaper generic version of my Fosamax. I’m saving almost $50 a month! Thank you Canada, thank you Darcy and thank you Canadian Prescription Savers!” - Phyllis S., Antioch ILL

“I just wanted to let you know that my package arrived today in good order and much faster than I thought. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been ripped off in the past and I guess I have a hard time trusting people nowadays. I know now that I can trust you and your wonderful company and will continue ordering from you.” - Lois W., Chicago ILL

“I’ve ordered my Pioglitazone twice now from you and as you said, there’s no difference in quality. Except your friendly service! Until they find a cure, you’ll always get my business. Thank you again.” - Jenn W., Madison WI

“After receiving my first order of Actos from you, we decided to try the much cheaper generic Pioglitazone. I should have ordered it the first time! Saved over $200 and it’s the same! Hope this little thank you card puts a big smile on your faces. You’ve sure made me smile!” - Grace M., Shreveport, LA

“I just wanted to let you know we’ve told all of my friends about your wonderful services. You’ve made such a difference in our lives.” - Bob and Heather Julius, Denver CO

“Thank you for taking the time to allow us to shake your hands in person! Vancouver was a very pleasant trip for us, made special by folks like you. So nice to chat in person and meet everyone who has been so helpful to us over the years. May God keep a special place for all of you in Heaven!” - Carol and Alex, Redding CA

“Well…my order got to me in just 5 days, but I can’t believe you shipped it in a box! I’ve ordered from other pharmacies in Canada before, but you’re the best by a country mile!” - Juanita H., Lawton OK

“If my doctor keeps adding to my list of medications, I’ll have to move next door to you! My family is so grateful to you for what you do for us. Our heartfelt thanks are in order.” - Charlene R., Tifton GA

“You’ve got a new customer coming. My postman has been delivering your packages to me for almost 3 years now and he asked me about them last week. I talked to him again today and he can’t believe how much he and his wife will save ordering from you.” - Mario G., St. Paul MN

“I fell like screaming and smiling at the same time. I was ordering Actos from you for over 2 years and saving big. Now with the generic here, I’m shocked at the price difference between our countries. I’m saving almost $1400 a year on just one prescription. That’s ridiculous. God help my country.” - Marion P., Memphis, TN