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$9.95 Shipping!

Order all you like and the most you’ll be charged is $9.95 for the entire order.

We ship medications, such as insulin, that require cold packs to keep product temperature down. All medications requiring cold pack shipping will be charged an additional $10.00.

Save even more money by ordering a 90 day supply instead of 30 days at a time. If you order monthly, your shipping charges for one year will be $119.40. Ordering 90 day supplies with each order will cost you only $39.80, saving you an additional $79.60 a year!

We insure your package against loss at no charge to you! However, a missing package is an extremely rare occurrence. If by any chance you do not receive yours within 21 days, we’ll ship it all again at no charge to you whatsoever.

We ship via Canada Post and United States Postal Service. Canada Post sends a truck to our pharmacy every day at 4 pm Pacific time to pick up all packages. The packages are trucked each evening to The United States Postal Service in Seattle, Washington where they enter the USPS system.

The packages are sorted in Seattle and from there are sent to your home. Generally, the further you live from Seattle, the longer it will take your package to arrive. However, we’ve seen packages arrive in Florida 4 days after leaving our pharmacy. We’ve also seen packages get to Oregon 6 days later.

Please note that it takes approximately 10 days for you to receive your order from the time we’ve received your completed health profile, your VALID American prescription and your method of payment.

Please keep in mind that during the holiday season the post office gets very busy and statutory holidays can also create delays in receiving your order. We strongly recommend that you order your prescriptions 20 days in advance whenever possible.